3 Best Small Rice Cooker Reviews for 2020

It is often difficult to cook the right rice, especially if you are using the traditional stovetop and pot method. Rigid, crunchy less cooked rice or rice that is burnt at the bottom of the pot are the most common issues using this school school method.

So, what better way to cook the right rice? You can use one of the best small rice cookers available, helps eliminate these issues and gives you rice which is a perfect texture and taste.

When Do You Need a Small Rice Cooker?

Well, the answer to this question can be so simple, how often you eat rice. Nevertheless, there may be other factors that make the use of a small rice cooker a better choice, so examine some of these possible reasons.

When you are a guest for dinner, you may need the convenience of a small rice cooker. Using a small rice cooker allows you to use a burner on your stovetop to cook other foods instead of rice. This can help you make sure that your guests do not wait for the rice to run out to enjoy the food you have prepared.

Using a small rice cooker can also save you time, some rice cookers can significantly reduce the rice cooking time, and may help you make dinner more successfully.

Again, a traditional stovetop may not be available for cooking in your home and having a small rice cooker will allow you to enjoy rice with your meal. Having a small rice cooker in a small, ill-equipped kitchen can save the day, so to speak.

Traditional boiling and boiling a pot of rice on the stovetop can also heat the kitchen, and in a hot climate, it may not be acceptable and may prohibit you from making rice with food. No need to cook rice while it cooks in a small rice cooker, you just set it and forget it until the timer completes it.


Things to Consider Before Buying a Small Rice Cooker

Here are some things you want to ask yourself before buying a small rice cooker.

  1. Do you cook enough rice to need a rice cooker? I mean if you practice a low carb diet, you don’t need a rice cooker.
  2. What size of rice cooker do you need? Think about this for a moment after buying a rice cooker as it may make you feel like a buyer. Do you regularly feed one or two people?
  3. What is your budget for rice cooker?
  4. Would you be better off buying a multi-use type of cooker that is limited to cooking rice?
  5. Is the unit you want to buy non-stick type? Cleanup can be a definite game-changer when it comes to cleaning rice.
  6. Are the controls and   instructions easy to understand? No one wants to feel frustrated when trying to use a small device.
  7. Does the rice cooker produce hot steam or become untouchable when used? This may make the cooker unusable for some children as use of the cooker may factor into children or space.

1. Aroma Housewares 2-8 cup Rice Cooker – Best Overall

This small rice cooker is more than just a rice cooker, and that is why it topped my list.

This can be extremely important if you live in a small house or a unit has insufficient kitchen counter space that can perform many tasks. Of course, this is if the unit works well and the other functions it provides are used for you.

This small rice cooker is also a steamer and slow cooker that allows you to prepare complete meals including rice at the same time. The capability of the sauté and then simmer feature is programmable and allows for additional cooking methods.

Additional features allow you to prepare soups, or vegetables, and even make a cake. When the water is gone the characteristic of the rice cooker will be understood and the cooking temperature will have to be reset to a low. The ability to sauté or bake in this small appliance can improve the overall functionality of your kitchen.

2. Instapot Duo Mini 3 Quart Cooker – Best Premium Product

Although this cooker can easily make rice, this unit is a multi-function pressure cooker compared to a true rice cooker. For this reason and for the fact that it may be out of the budget for any rice cooker, it comes at number six on my list.

I know that my number one pick was also a multi-cooker, but the primary function of the unit is to cook rice and have several one-touch rice cooking options. Instapot brand products are known as pressure cookers or rice cooker slow cookers.

Now with all that, this unit does an excellent job of cooking rice to perfection as well as allows you to cook whole meals including rice.

3. Dash Best Small Rice Cooker – Best Budget Friendly

A true small rice cooker has a capacity of only 2-cups. However, this best mini rice cooker is also a small steamer and can be used to make soup or porridge, and you never have to worry about unwanted leftovers. This little rice cooker seems the right size for one or two and can help you maintain portion control and serving size.

This unit provides facilities such as warm-up facilities found in some larger units that may help eliminate over-feeding. One-Touch set it and forgot that this control helps provide you with no-fuss cooking options, and the non-stick pot provides fast and easy cleaning.


It seems that there are small rice cookers available in the market and it may seem impossible for you to choose the best option. The above review hits on several important factors and available options to help inform you when choosing a small rice cooker for you.

As you can see, there are many options and styles available and asking yourself the above questions can help narrow the field for you.

Important factors include longevity of the unit, price, and warranty, so be sure to keep these things in mind when choosing your rice cooker. You never want to buy a small device and then you realize that accidentally return shipping will almost always become your responsibility.

It is possible to find the right small rice cooker; It just takes a little research to try and understand your needs. After finding the best small rice cooker for your needs, cooking rice will never be the same, and you should never see yourself cracking burnt rice from the bottom again.

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