The 5 Best Heated Knee Braces for Running That Are Worth Buying

The knee is probably the most important joint for the runners, though the ankles give it a run for its money. Therefore protecting them is important, but can be difficult.

Those who want to ensure the health of their joints can use braces to help them keep muscles. Braces that apply heat to the area continue to increase in popularity due to its ability to reduce inflammation and reduce pain.

But are hot braces useful, and what should you look for? 

best knee heating braces

The 5 Best Heated Knee Braces for Running

  1. ​DPL FlexPad
  3. ​Arris Heated Knee Brace
  4. ​TherMedic PW150L
  5. ​ActiveWrap

What are Knee Braces?

The American Academy of Family Physicians views knee braces as apparatuses designed to prevent or treat knee injuries.

They come in four types: Prophylactic, Functional, Rehabilitation and Patellofemoral. Runners will often use prophylactic or functional braces until another is prescribed by a doctor.

Prophylactic and functional braces protect the knees and support previously injured joints. These can be purchased from any store that sells standard medical equipment, including general stores and pharmacies.

Doctors provide rehabilitated braces to people recovering from injuries or surgeries. Runners experiencing problems like torn ligaments may have to wear one at some time in their lives.

Finally, there are patellofemoral braces. These treat a specific condition where the neckcap does not run correctly on the respective joint. Many runners have a genetic predisposition to this problem, but it can also develop over time.

There is no standard material for making knee brace. Runners can find variations that use foam, metal, plastic, elastic and other synthetics. Ordinary shop-bought onions will likely use a combination of softer ingredients and avoid the hardness of the metal.

Benefits of Knee Braces

Knee braces hold an unusual place in medical communities. Although they can help people recover from surgery or the condition, doctors have a difficult time determining whether their use has benefits on a regular basis.

Dr. Paluska and Drs. In an article written by McKeag, he determined that certain types of braces, particularly rehabilitation and patellofemoral, are effective treatment options.

This does not mean that regular braces are not useful. In fact, many runners find that they can help treat chronic pain. Athletes may also suffer from a condition called the runner’s knee, which develops over time due to the amount of stress placed on the joint.

This video shows what the runner’s knee is. Some researchers have found that using a hot knee brace can help keep the joint together to reduce the pain the runners face.

The 5 Best Heated Knee Braces for Runners That Are Worth Buying

Warm knee braces help prevent muscles from tightening while running and can reduce pain and tension. Below are currently the 5 best heated knee braces for runners.

1. DPL FlexPad

This product is amazing, which is why it is on this list, but it is also expensive and a bit dishonest. A single unit can set a runner back a little over $ 100, but it comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty when purchased from one of the company’s sources.

Unlike some other best heating knee pads, the DPL Flexpad does not rely on stones, wires, or gel inserts. Instead, it uses a form of infrared light therapy developed by NASA. The company claims that light can reduce blood flow, reduce pain, and reduce muscle inflammation while creating mild heat.

Runners agree with the manufacturer’s assessment Many have found that the brace is a reliable alternative to the more conventional heat cover. The downside is that the brace cannot be worn during very athletic activity and works best when used later.

The product requires either a handheld power source or an electrical outlet. The brace should be left for 14 minutes and has demonstrated the ability to relieve stress and pain resulting from chronic conditions such as arthritis. Users will note that it has two lines of red light and four shades of white, which actually produce infrared rays.

The DPL Flexpad is recommended only for those running when they are doing an easy jogging, or it can be used after a hard run, but not during. Due to this lack of applied flexibility, it has not been suggested for those who actually require additional assistance and relief during the walking task.

2. Best One to Try: Viktor Jurgen Heat Knee Brace Wrap

Are you tired of wasting the battery? The Victor Jorgen Heat Knee Brace Wrap comes with an AC adapter that can be connected to a portable power source. It is possible to charge the brace and then use it on the go.

Runners can control the level of heat applied to their knees and be less concerned about any environmental impact. The brace is heated to a maximum temperature of 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

The manufacturers of this product designed it using bamboo, charcoal and jade stones and as few synthetic or unnatural materials as possible. The Victor George Brace combines heat with regulated massage to treat chronic knee pain or discomfort due to sore muscles, arthritis and even sprains.

Another advantage of its components is the moisture removal effect of the material. The use of a hot brace often comes with the side effects of sweaty knees and uncomfortable moisture buildup. Wicker Jorgen brace wipes water and sweats and is easy to clean.

Runners with constant joint pain recommend this product to those who often suffer from stress and discomfort due to arthritis and other chronic conditions. It can work during all types of athletic activity, from a light jog to the intensity of a Spartan race.

In terms of cost, the wicker Järgen is slightly more expensive than a standard wrapper, but many find that when it can be handled properly.

3. Arris Heated Knee Brace

While most heating pads use 5-volt batteries, the Arris knee brace includes a rechargeable 7.4-volt battery, so runners shouldn’t worry about dying during exercise. The pad is easy to place and unload, and uses strong Velcro to wrap it securely around the knee.

A main advantage of the Eris brace is that it comes with built-in measures to prevent overheating. A sensor inside the system detects that the battery or pad is heating up and the warming will shut down the system until it again reaches a safe temperature. The heating dial is easy to read and comes with three settings: 45, 55, and 65 ° C.

Unlike some other braces, the Eris is relatively lightweight and can be worn during hard runs. It is recommended that athletes avoid drowning it in water, as it may damage the heating system.

The product works for people recovering from injuries such as sprains, and runners have also found it effective for chronic pain or discomfort due to arthritis and other conditions.

The only downside to this brace is that it cannot be placed on red or irritated skin and does not come with any cooling inserts.

4. TherMedic PW150L Infared Heating Pad

TherMedic is a big name in the heating pad industry. Many runners find the price to be worth the profit.

Thermedic infrared heating pad targets many chronic and acute conditions, including osteoarthritis, patellar tendonitis, and tears in ACL, PCL, LCL and MCL. It uses infrared technology, which evenly and efficiently heats the knees without wasting energy.

Users can control the temperature and do not have to worry about overheating. The brace will automatically close after 30 minutes of allowing the muscle to relax before starting treatment. Runners can also put a cooling pack that comes with the product if they decide they need a change.

Unlike some braces, TherMedic is not heavy and can be controlled while the runner is running. It slides easily, and carbon fiber is used to create brace contros in each person’s leg for a tight fit.

Unfortunately, there are some downsides to this brace. At first, its size is small, so people with big feet will not be able to wear them. Secondly, the heating unit is smaller than other braces, so it should be used by those who want to concentrate heat in an area.

Despite these flaws, Thornadex is an amazing choice for runners with more serious injuries such as torn ACLs.

5. ActiveWrap Heat Therapy

The ActiveWrap Heat Therapy Wrap comes in many sizes and fits specifically to target common injuries and sprains around the knee and upper thigh. The product consists of two removable gel packs that can be heated or cooled to the user’s contents.

ActiveWrap receives high praise from runners as it provides support without sacrificing joint flexibility. It is made of elastic and cleans easily.

This brace is a part of a minority considered FDA-approved, medical grade, and comes with a one-year warranty with an opportunity for replacement if it fails to perform. Runners enjoy it because of its comfort and its ability to heat gel inserts.

When used properly, the gel pack can provide full 360 degree heat around the joint. This product is recommended for runners who find themselves with a stronger, more consistent heating system or for those who suffer from joint pain or arthritis pain.


So, as a runner, which hot knee brace should you pick? The answer is ultimately with your personal needs. If you know that you are going to use the brace on the go, then you should choose one that is lightweight, flexible, and comes with easily adjusted heating elements.

If you are suffering from a more serious injury or chronic illness, you want something stronger and stronger. In this example, you should invest in more expensive models and consider a brace that you can relax after a long time.

Just remember: You need your knees, not only to run but also to stay mobile. Do not over stress your joint and be sure to take care of yourself.

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