Top 3 Best Brew Kettles for Homebrewing in 2020

Are you interested in homebrewing, and the idea of ​​preparing beer at home nourishes your mind? If yes, then you have landed at the right place, because we are going to review the best brew kettles.

It is essential to invest in the right equipment because your brew is where the cattle boil, and the debris in the beer begins a magical transition.

With technological advances, brew kettles are being integrated with state-of-the-art facilities to help in the ripening process. Cutting the best decoction according to your need, requirement and budget will demand a lot of research. You have to examine every product that falls under your budget radar and read reviews.

There are more than dozens of specialties seeking expertise; If you are a beginner and starting your baby steps by drinking alcohol at home, it will be difficult for you to decide which one is suitable for you. Incorrect, sub-standard and poor quality manufactured kettles not only spoil your beer-experience, but also yield to hazardous matter.


Top 3 Best Brew Kettles to Buy in 2020:

So, in this best brew kettles guide, we are going to review the top pics. These are our hand-crafted products, selected after hours of research. You can take a look at these products and see what falls on your needs.

1. SS Brewtech Home Brewing Kettle

The SS Brewtech Home brewing Kettle is one of the best robust, exceptional equipment you can keep on hand. It is made of the highest quality 18-gauge 304 stainless steel and possesses a long and enhanced life span. Due to this construction and manufacture, the kettle is considered to be the best stainless steel decoction. The kettle comes with a 10-gallon capacity which makes it an excellent choice for preparing beer in sufficient quantities. So, you can prepare more beer at once without keeping the quality aside.

It comes with etched gallon marking; You do not have to estimate the quantity and fill it according to your requirement and requirement.

It comes with a quality-silicone handle for safe handling; The firmly designed handle ensures that you can handle the kettle firmly without any splits.

It also features a triangular clad bottom for scorching heat dissipation.

By all means, it is a professional-level beer kettle and provides a spontaneous beer preparation experience.

Yes, it is relatively expensive, so you get what you pay for.

2. Northern Brewer – Megapot 1.2 Stainless Steel Brew Kettle

If you are more concerned about the amount of beer you are preparing now, get your hand on a bachelor’s degree marking North Brewer. With this kettle browser onboard, you don’t have to worry about measurement, use a graduated notation system, and solve everything. The kettle is manufactured using the highest quality material; The stainless steel kettle will not disappoint you with its performance.

It comes with an 8-gallon serving capacity so that you will prepare larger servings at once. In addition, you can customize the kettle for an enhanced brewing experience.

The kettle integrates with a stay-cool handle for easy removal from the stovetop.

The stunning feature of this brew kettle is integrated with its 4 mm thick triangular bottom. With this feature riveted, heats distribute evenly and rapidly without condensation. So, you will have ready beer in the shortest time.

Prevents burnt liquid from scorching; Hand burns interrupt the steam.

In short, it shows a great look, compact design and lasts longer than you expect.

3. Gasone 10 Gallon Stainless Steel Home Brew Kettle

If you’re using the Internet in search of a state-of-the-art home brewing kettle, your search ends here with a HomeBrew kettle manufactured by GasOne 10-gallon stainless steel. This kettle comes with four pieces, ball valve spigot, stainless steel lid, 10-gallon tri-ply aluminum bottom, and a thermometer. The tri-ply aluminum helps to distribute the heat evenly at the bottom and prepare for instant brewing. This feature also protects your substance from scorching and produces high quality beer.

The kettle can be used for your comfort with a stovetop and commercial induction cooktops.

Another flashing feature this wine making kettle feature is the engraved scale marking. Now you don’t have to worry about volume to volume; Icons help you fill as per your requirement.

This premium grade stainless steel construction brewing pot provides extended life and improves the others. It gives a smooth and excellent appearance and also saves heat conduction. The durable material makes it a hands-down option, which is easily clean, safe and long lasting.

All in all, this is an option a regular homebrew should opt-in to.


If you are fond of a craft beer, making a quality brew is mandatory. These kettles provide a smooth cooking experience and give you a way to enjoy your favorite drink. These come in various shapes, sizes, construction and facilities. Therefore, take a look at the features that you ask for as per your need.

The brew produces beer faster than other systems. This is due to tri-clad or tri-play bottoms that ensure heat distribution leading to faster brewing.

Before purchasing the decoction kettle, do a special check of the facilities mentioned above and get one according to your individual needs.

We hope that this guide will help you to make a decoction according to your needs, budget and requirements.

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