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Werewolf Trike mk4

We specialize in ural flat twin motorbikes/sidecars from Russia, Dnepr motorcycles/sidecars from the Ukraine, overhead valve and sidevalve versions. Over the years these bikes have been known under various names, cossacks, nevals, urals, uralmoto, dnepr, IMZ, KMZ

Page updated 01 February, 2012

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this version incorporates a clean uncluttered rear axle using 14 inch alloy wheels with caterham style mudguards, we have a far better suspension and prop shaft arrangement. 

(pictures below are development shots so that you can see what we are doing with the new werewolf trike, ignore the wheels they are not what will be fitted)

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Improved and New features for the Werewolf Trike

floating axle, 

improved rear brakes, 

new improved rear master cylinder,

 foot operated parking brake, (parking brake operates both rear wheels)

 new improved drive shaft, (available as retro fit to earlier version trikes)

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 all cables and pipes routed through frame where possible,

 better rear light units, rear fog, hazards and automatic reverse lights as standard, 

wider mudguards,

 a cleaner less cluttered rear end

all this for 14995 on the road inc 12 months tax  


MPC WARRANTY on all new bikes 1 year or 12000 km

self maintenance during the period of the warranty we are quite happy for the owner to  carry out servicing and repairs them self or to have a approved motorcycle workshop carry out the work

servicing we are also more than happy to go through the servicing and general maintenance requirements with new owners in our workshops

optional extras include

towbar kit (this version uses a hidden mounting bar)

soft and hard panniers, topbox, rear carrier racks additional outboard seating

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The Ural Werewolf trike is a pure bolt on (plus wiring) and is available as a fully assembled bolt on kit, to bolt straight onto your existing wolf

full bolt on kit and instructions 4995

the new drive shaft is also available as a retro fit to all earlier version wolf trikes

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SIDECAR SUNDAY 025_WEB.jpg (178037 bytes)

Need more space or fed up of damp tents,, what about a teardrop camper or just a trailer to carry all your stuff.


These were built by either uralmoto or rhino trikes

where possible we will continue to support them

trikes below are siberian wolf versions and not the all new werewolf

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trike.jpg (50496 bytes)

trike7.jpg (49840 bytes)

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Dare to be Different

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