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Dnepr / Ural Spares

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We specialize in ural flat twin motorcycles/sidecars from Russia, Dnepr motorbikes/sidecars from the Ukraine, overhead valve and sidevalve versions. Over the years these bikes have been known under various names, cossacks, nevals, urals, uralmoto, dnepr, IMZ, KMZ

Page updated 01 February, 2012

spares emporium, new Ural parts off the shelf, ever growing stock of Ural & Dnepr secondhand parts on the shelf.
Spares Shipped Worldwide

We can supply spares for most models of any age

MPC holds in stock a comprehensive range of genuine uralmoto spares we also hold a range of high quality pattern spares which include cables, ht coils, plugs and caps.

MPC specials,

  cast alloy deep sumps, cast in the uk  for Ural and Dnepr's supplied ready to fit with cork gasket and magnetic sump drain plug, these sumps hold an additional 1 litre over the tin sumps and 3/4 of a litre over the later alloy deep sumps.(these uk cast sumps do not loose any ground clearance and can remain on the engine during removal) there is now a deeper sump available produced by Ural however this has a lose of ground clearance and requires removal before the engine can be removed

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Replacement heavy duty brake/clutch/throttle cables made to order/while you wait we custom manufacture Tow bars, Roll bars, Chair front crash bars Double seat sidecar conversions etc Large stock of used parts available ring or email with your requirements

WANTED your  mot failures, non runners, runners, call or email

automatic reversing light kits, rear fog light kits, hazard light kits, additonal headlights/driving lights

 UK made Deep sump kits  79 (includes magnetic sump plug, sump gasket and allen head bolts) this sump was made with off-roading in mind, no mud collecting cooling fins and a thicker alloy casting, we use it as a jacking point to lift the front wheel...

Russian made ever deeper sump kit 69 (includes magnetic sump plug, sump gasket and allen head bolts)  this sump retains the cooling fins.

standard ural sumps, replaces the pressed steel early sumps, finned again in, kit form(gasket magnetic sump plug and allen bolts  30

Magnetic sump drain plug - 4.99

Feeling left behind without two wheel drive - Conversion kit available 975

Kitchen sink won't fit - Tradesman utility cargo carrier sidecar body 350

Authorised Datatool motorcycle alarm stockist / installer

Authorised Ultraseal stockist/installer

uralparts18.jpg (10754 bytes)               Deeper sumps, three versions standard ural, deep russian(inc cooling fins) and our uk made smooth bottomed sump, this was developed for off-roading hence no fins to collect mud and upset the cooling      standard sump 15 (to clear overstock just the sump no kit, full kit 30) deep uk sump kits 79 deep russian sump kits 69  kits include gasket allen head bolts and magnetic sump plug 
uralparts16.jpg (14032 bytes) 650cc full engine gasket and seal kit     48                  
uralparts8.jpg (11122 bytes)  650cc top end gasket and pushrod seal kit      31 (individual components come to 39                
uralparts14.jpg (14056 bytes) 750cc full engine gasket and seal kit 48                      
uralparts9.jpg (10469 bytes)  750cc top end gasket and pushrod seal kit   31 (individual components come to 39 )     
uralparts12.jpg (10991 bytes)  650cc gearbox gasket and seal kit       28       
uralparts10.jpg (10355 bytes) 750c gearbox seal kit  28                
uralparts.jpg (8909 bytes)  usefull rubber parts, sidecar rear mounts 37 tractor seat v blocks 17 swinging arm cushion pads 4                 
uralparts19.jpg (9244 bytes) hand guards  designed for the russian switch gear, but with a little mod work fine on the new switch gear,  20 per pair                       
uralparts2.jpg (11170 bytes) leg shields   30 per pair                       
uralparts6.jpg (9134 bytes) large fuel caps 10  replacement rubbers 3                     
uralparts7.jpg (8745 bytes) fuel taps three versions used  kp15a and kp33 21 ea  

new vacuum version 48            

uralparts5.jpg (9420 bytes) leather tractor seat covers 35
uralparts1.jpg (12046 bytes) sidecar front and rear light units, uk and continental handed 

ea 20                       

tyre3.jpg (41723 bytes)  4.20 x 19 russian knobbly tyre  55                       
springpuller.jpg (31974 bytes)       every workshop needs one or two,, spring puller 4.95                 
mug.jpg (36542 bytes)                        steel ural mug 9.95
toothbrush1.jpg (9610 bytes)             novelty 12volt electric tooth brush  9.95           
revcounter1.jpg (35515 bytes)revcounter 75                        

sumps.jpg (16755 bytes)Deep Sumps from 30

Brake Liningsdneprshoes.jpg (55700 bytes)russian 20 per pair, uk relined 25 per pair

sidecarbrake1.jpg (31762 bytes)sidecar brake uk handed 200


FRONTCRASHBAR.jpg (87182 bytes)front crashbar 100

FLYSCREEN2.jpg (103804 bytes)flyscreens from 49.95

HANDGUARDS2.jpg (87246 bytes)hand protectors 20 per pair

SIDECARCHROMETOP.jpg (94340 bytes)chrome cover 15

redblacktwotone1.jpg (35608 bytes)full option plus rider screen,extra light and jerry can

peashooter.jpg (44625 bytes)aftermarket down pipe and silencers 230


RACK.jpg (87351 bytes)rack 55

RACKTOPBOX1.jpg (52638 bytes)rack and top box 110

REARNUDGEBAR.jpg (80664 bytes)nudgebar 35



3.89GEARSET.jpg (21465 bytes)higher ratio gear set 90

sparewheelcover1.jpg (90425 bytes)spare wheel cover 60

towball1.jpg (38798 bytes)towbars and electrics fitted 195



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